Benefits of Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead Provides Peace of Mind

When you make your own funeral arrangements, you eliminate the need for your family to debate, discuss, and guess what you would have wanted. You also protect them from the stress of searching for essential information and documents once you are gone.

By ensuring that your wishes are known at the time when they are most needed, you provide peace of mind for yourself and for those you love.

Planning Ahead Saves Money

Preplanning gives you the opportunity to think through your options – financial and otherwise – in order to give your loved ones a way to pay tribute and begin the healing process. When you preplan, you can choose whether or not to pre-pay. Setting aside funds protects you against escalating funeral costs, while giving you confidence that your family won’t run into unexpected expenses.

Keep in mind that your contract is transferrable, and that we will keep a detailed list of your wishes on file at no cost.

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