Cremation Center

Cremation Center
Cremation Center

We've located our crematory at our south Parkersburg funeral home so your loved one never leaves our care.  We are the only funeral home in the Parkersburg area that has an on-site crematory.  We offer the area's most complete cremation center.  At Lambert-Tatman you can be assured every cremation is completed by a licensed Funeral Director.



To those considering cremation, you are deserving of the right to visit our crematory prior to your selection of providers.  We know you will see the difference

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With Cremation You Have All The Choices You Have With Tradional Burial

A visitation or gathering.

You may have a formal or informal gathering to receive friends at the funeral home or another location.  This gives everyone an opportunity to share their concern without disturbing the privacy of the family at home


A funeral or memorial service.

  Before or after cremation, a service can be held to honor the person who has died (held in the funeral home, church, or favorite place).  Favorite musical selections and special speakers are an important choice in planning.


Burial, placement in a columbarium urn niche, permanent possession, or scattering.

 Most families choosing cremation decide on burial after cremation.  A graveside service is another choice preferred by many.  Whether it is private, or for friends and family, it is an important final moment.  If a columbarium niche is chosen, a graveside service is also a choice.




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